I am from Manhattan, KS nearly my whole life. I am a diehard K-State fan.  Both of my parents attended K- State.  I bleed purple. EMAW!

Becoming a trainer was most definitely an accidental career.  It was shortly after the birth of my second child that I was trying to some “at home” workouts.  My then-husband kept getting mad at me for running up and down the stairs for cardio intervals.  “You’re going to ruin the carpet.  Just go join a gym.”  So, begrudgingly I found a gym with childcare and instantly fell in love with the aerobics classes.  Slowly one-by-one the instructors started to leave.  I remember thinking “I might as well do it.” So I got certified in every aerobic and weightlifting avenue I could find.  I loved it. From there I was hired by the local hospital wellness center where I saw my colleagues training people one-on-one, to which I found yet another challenge I wanted to tackle. 20 years later here I am with a successful and lasting career in the health and fitness industry all because of not ruining the carpet on the stairs in my home.

I firmly believe that my client’s successes are not because of me.  I approach Personal Training as a doctor would approach a patient.  Much like a doctor who has taken the Hippocratic Oath, I firmly and wholeheartedly embody the first line which is “First DO NO HARM”.  There is a level of raw vulnerability when a client first approaches me requesting me to help them on their journey.  To ask for help is to admit we cannot do it alone.  I recognize their fear, timidity, and apprehension.   Therefore a client’s 1st and greatest success comes when they first meet me.  The multiple success that occurs after that is multi-planar.  They are overcoming more than weight loss, they are overcoming themselves.  In my opinion, there is no greater success