APPLICATION FOR 2 Personal Training Sessions for $30 (Intro Special!)

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If you’re fed up with your body and want to make critical changes to get in shape once and for all, you’ve found yourself in the right place.

We help men and women lose unwanted fat, transform their confidence and become happy inside and out.

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As a new client we invite you to take advantage of 2 Personal Training Sessions for just $30!  It’s the perfect Kick Start to your fitness program. A chance for us to identify what has held you back in the past and what needs to be done moving forward — to get you working out of your comfort zone and fully understanding what it takes to shape your body for life.

There are only a limited number of spaces for these sessions over the next few days. It’s time to start prioritizing YOU for a change.

Take the first step. Just  complete the form below and I’ll be in contact with you within 48 hours if not sooner.

Yours in health,

David Oquendo
Owner, Rapid Fit KC